VIP Brand Strategy Day -Availability Dec 6 and January 9

The best way to predict your business future, is to create it!  However, the process is so overwhelming!

Do you agree, that it's so much easier to fix everyone else's problems except our own? (Truth bomb: I am not different, we all need a little coach in aspects of our personal + business lives)

Decide that you will explode into the next phase of your business and create it! But how?  ——> Here's how a VIP Brand Strategy Day helps. It is an intensive ~ 4-6 hour day (don't worry, we'll take little breaks) to help you:

  • Discover your ideal clients. This is where we will delve into your brand's mission, vision & values. Your audience niche and where do you find them?

  • Create your value offering. Together, we will get super clear on what value and results you create for your audience. 

  • Create your brand strategy plan. Learn how to talk to your audience authentically and in a way that motivates them to take action. 

 After your VIP Brand Strategy Day; you will have clarity on:

  • Who you help 
  • How you help them
  • Get clear on your value 
  • Be magnetic to your audience 
  • Develop consistency through organic & social media marketing. 

You will be ready to market in a way that bolsters your credibility and positions you as an authority in your industry.

Post VIP Day, you'll also receive a handful of juicy resources to help you build a magnetic brand for your business:

  • Personal Brand Photography/Social Media Guide: 
    How & what do we post to align with our brand? ($99 value)
    This guide will show you some handy tips and tricks for choosing what to post & planning a photoshoot to get the PERFECT images for your business. (Spoiler alert! This doesn't always mean professional photography either!)

  • Website Copywriting Guide ($129 value) 
    A step-by-step workbook outlining for how to improve the copy on your Home Page, About Page, Services page etc.

  • Swipe File Handbook ($99 value)
    A step-by-step workbook outlining the strategies to create custom, magnetic copy that boosts engagement. 

A Digital Brand Board Plan: 

A full summary and customized action plan delivered to you after our day together; along with the bonus resources so you can get working on attracting your ideal clients and experience growth in your business. 

What to expect:

  • Set aside a full work day for us to work together (in person or video call, don't worry, we'll take breaks!)
  • Lunch
  • Digital Brand Board Plan post our VIP Day
  • Personal Brand Photography/Social Media Guide
  • Website Copywriting Guide
  • Swipe File Handbook