Christmas Reindeer Chalet/Tree Farm Stand

Our holiday packages are here! And one of our favourite festive set ups is the Reindeer Chalet/tree farm stand, BUT its conveniently located in Orangeville, so no further travel required! 

We have two packages to choose from: 

Holiday Mini Package: $199

* 3 digital images of you and your family + the dog(s) 

Deluxe Holiday Photo/Item Package: $279

* 6 digital images of you and your family + the dog(s) 

* Double sided ornaments for your tree dated with 2021, using your favourite photo (s) from the shoot so you can cherish these photos for years to come! Keep one and gift one (or save for your kids for when they get older for their tree!)

* 15% one time discount on any other photo gifts you want to purchase. Stretch your holiday shoot by gifting unique products with your photos such as additional ornaments, pillows, shirt & more!