Bloom Sessions + Tuxedo Session 🌸🐶 - Dog Photography Photo Shoot

Treasure your best friend with a Bloom Session done in our studio at 26 Robb Blvd. 

No matter your pet's sex, these sessions are a great way to treasure your best friend for years to come.

We know that not all dogs will tolerate something on their head, and we'll try our best, but as a back up, the floral crown can be worn around the neck too. The crown is adjustable. If we aren't able to do the crown on the head, we will do a photo without it for the second photo. We also have a tuxedo collar (2 sizes, small and large dog) that we can use if that's your preference. 

Choose from one of our three packages:

Basic: 2 digital images ( no extras)

Blossom: 2 digital images + 15oz white, dishwasher/microwave safe mug with photo from session on either side 

Deluxe Bloom: 2 digital images + 15oz dishwasher/microwave safe mug  + double sided keychain with photos from session on either side