Joy session.

My friend Joanna and her family have had a rough year.  Diagnosed with breast cancer, Joanna has put on a brave face yet we all know how hard this has been on her and her family.  There’s only so many positive message you can send a friend that is struggling. I wracked my brain trying to think of what I could do to to help brighten her day – which led to this ‘joy session with her 7 year old’.

 I can’t take away her pain but I can hopefully bring her joy.  I set up a mission to have her sister bring her adorable son to me so we could do a mini Christmas photo shoot.  What more does a mother ever want than her child?  I knew this would be something meaningful and joyful to her.  I hope these photos bring her years and years of happiness and a reminder of just how much she is loved.   Be strong, be brave Joanna.  I hope you love this little surprise. xoxox  We love you. 

Embrace Photography Joy SessionEmbrace Photography Joy SessionEmbrace Photography Joy SessionEmbrace Photography Joy Session

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