Loving Family.

There are some people that you meet in life that just ‘make you feel’ loved.  The Skillen family is one of them.  Easy going, loving, respectful are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of them.  Their kids are beautiful, so polite and so gosh darn cute!  I am truly grateful that I have updated their family photo collection over the past few years.  It feels like a fall tradition to me and its such an honourable experience to do this year after year.  I have literally watched their kids grow up in front of my camera.  I think the biggest change was little Shea. He has grown so much since I have seen him last.  His little personality (or should I say ‘big’ personality) shone through, but the most heartwarming thing was how you could tell that he knew he was loved.  Quite often instead of smiling at me, he’d close his eyes and lean into his big sister.  You know how they say ‘energy attracts energy’?  Well, after an hour with the Skillens my heart was full of love and peace.  They do that to me every .single. time.  <3  Enjoy your sneak peeks Skillen family!  Love ya!


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